Secure Tor Browser comes to Android

The Tor Browser is well known for being one of the most private browsers out there. Its main gimmick is its ability to prevent sites from gathering information through its browser. By doing this it becomes one of the most secure ways to use the internet. Currently, there is no mobile browser that has the same level of encryption ability as the Tor Browser for desktops. However, that is about to change with Tor’s newest release.

Previously, Tor had an app for both of the main operating systems: Onion Browser for iOS, and Orfox for Android. Each of these allowed for Tor connectivity but did not feature the same level of privacy that Tor does. In an effort to bring that privacy to mobile devices, Tor has released an alpha version of its service for Android.

Red Onion - Tor Browser

Tor stated that their main reason for doing this is to bring Tor’s privacy features to other parts of the world, some of which only have access to the internet through mobile devices. By creating a secure browser for these mobile devices, citizens of these countries don’t have to fear unsecured sites as often as they currently do.

Tor Browser for Android Alpha
Free Download

With the full release of Tor Browser coming to Android sometime in early 2019, Tor has announced that it will stop Orfox services once browser leaves its testing phase. The alpha is currently available for free download.

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