The next generation of online presentations


  • Dynamic, original presentations
  • Excellent sharing options
  • Editor is easy to use


  • Audio and video options not great
  • All presentations are public with free version


Prezi is a great web app that will allow you to make average, boring presentations a thing of the past.

Prezi allows you to create colorful, informative presentations that bear almost no relation to the slide by slide approach taken by traditional presentation software like PowerPoint. The service is free (for the most basic version) and takes just seconds to sign up for – name, email , password and a CAPTCHA and you’re in.

This web app is likely to be fairly different to the kind of thing you have seen before, so you should take a look at the introduction and example Prezis, so you know what you are doing. There’s also a online support community to turn to if you get stuck, and the developers seem to be good at answering queries via Twitter.

Creating presentations with Prezi is easy. Just doubt click and start to write. You can add images and YouTube videos, shapes, color and more via the large icon in the top left corner. Prezi presentations are probably a little different to what you are used to. Instead of flicking through slides, you zoom to change the focus on what is essentially a giant canvas. This may sound a little odd, but it will be instantly obvious when you watch an example.

Once you have created your Prezi, you can download it to watch on your computer, but you won’t be able to edit away from the Prezi website. You’ll also be able to print (but obviously you will miss the dynamic aspect of your presentation), or open it up to the public to view or copy online. You can also invite other users to edit the Prezi, or share it via Facebook and Twitter.

If you make presentations on a regular basis, you’d be mad not to check out Prezi.


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